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About SolarCraft — Over 30 Years of Solar Energy in Marin, Sonoma & Napa

SolarCraft ESOP

Proud to be 100% Employee Owned!

SolarCraft, a 100% employee owned company,  has been providing trustworthy and reliable solar energy services in Marin, Sonoma, Napa, and throughout the Bay Area since 1984.  Founders Dennis Nuttman and Bill Stewart are pioneers in the solar energy industry in California, and offer customers a wealth of experience in solar technology. Nuttman and Stewart opened one of the first solar energy companies in the Bay Area nearly three decades ago, and are experts in solar energy design and installation. Bill Stewart was elected to the California Solar Energy Industries (CALSEIA) Board of Directors in 2011.

With over 6,000 commercial and residential installations to its credit, SolarCraft has installed more solar energy systems than any other company in the Napa, Sonoma, and Marin North Bay area. SolarCraft is here today and will be here tomorrow, outlasting the “boom and bust” cycles of the solar energy industry.

SolarCraft ESOP

SolarCraft offers a wide array of solar energy services, including design, installation, monitoring, financing and maintenance of solar energy systems for residential, commercial, agricultural, and institutional customers.

A certified Green Business, SolarCraft’s own offices are powered by solar energy. SolarCraft is licensed as both a general contractor (B) and electrical contractor (C-10). The company was also one of the first contractors in California to obtain the solar energy license (C-46.) SolarCraft is a longtime member of the California Solar Energy Industry Association (CALSEIA) and is a registered member of the California Energy Commission. SolarCraft has been a member of the Marin Builders Exchange since 1984.

All of SolarCraft’s systems carry some of the industry’s longest warranties and each individual component carries manufacturer equipment warranties for up to 25 years, backed by some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations.

SolarCraft Areas of Expertise

Electric Solar EnergySolarCraft-1984-over-white

SolarCraft designs, installs and maintains custom solar energy systems to supply your home or business with low-cost or no-cost electricity.

Read case studies on residential electric solar energy, commercial electric solar energy, winery & agricultural electric solar energy, and Non-Profit & municipal solar energy.

Solar Pool Heating

SolarCraft was chosen as the North Bay’s exclusive distributor for FAFCO, the world’s largest manufacturer of solar heat exchangers. Their equipment meets our rigorous standards for efficiency and long-lasting equipment.

Read more about residential solar pool heating or commercial solar pool heating.

Solar Hot Water (also known as Solar Domestic Hot Water)

Solar water heating is the most cost effective renewable energy alternative for customers using electricity or propane to heat their water. Current incentives can pay up to 50% of the system cost.

Read more about solar hot water heating.
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