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Napa Solar Energy Case Study, Kuehl Family

SolarCraft Saves the Kuehls More Than $780 a Month with Clean Solar Power

residential solar energy

Project Overview
Location Napa County, CA
System Size 16.2 kW
Surface Area 1,380 sq. ft.
Product Mitsubishi 185 watt
Production 11,289 kWh/year
# of Solar Panels 88

Tiffany Kuehl, Office Manager at Napa Electric in Napa, California, knows the importance of energy efficiency. With electric bills averaging $900 a month, the majority of her home’s energy usage was in the top rate tiers. Tiffany and her husband John decided to go solar to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. To offset their electric bills they had SolarCraft install a 16.2 kW solar electric system. A ground mount system was the best solution, utilizing the land available on their large property. The Kuehls received their first electric bill after going solar and it was only $117, an 87% savings! The Kuehls solar electric system is virtually maintenance-free and will provide free energy from the sun for decades to come.

solar savings chartBenefits

  • Saves Kuehl family over $9,400 in electric bills annually
  • Shields the Kuehls from electrical rate increases
  • Will realize ROI in 6 years
  • Will reduce CO2 emissions by 460 tons annually, equivalent to not driving over 5.9 million miles

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