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Important Fire & Safety Information

We are available to help ASAP!

We are focusing all our crew & trucks to aid in emergency efforts.   We have able-bodied labor and trucks available for relocating people, moving materials and resources, helping evacuations, shelters, shuttling cargo or relief supplies, etc.

Contact us for assistance at  Or call 415-382-7717 ext. O

Important Safety Information for Solar Electric Customers:

If you are concerned with the SolarCraft solar system powering your home or business – please remember that ‘distributed-generation’ (grid-connected) solar systems are connected to the utility grid (except for very rare battery-backup off-grid solar systems).  If the utility grid goes down in your area, your solar system will not continue to power your home or business.

If you are evacuating your home or business and/or would like to disable your SolarCraft system before leaving – this can be done by either by pulling the ‘Solar Disconnect’ to OFF position or turning the designated ‘Solar Breaker’ to OFF position.  Please consider your own safety and the safety of others first – disconnecting your own solar system is not necessary, but could be seen as an extra precaution or as assisting firefighters that are working hard to save lives and structures.   All solar systems have a visible disconnect labelled as Solar PV Disconnect that allows firefighters to quickly disable solar electric systems if they are concerned that the solar modules are still creating power even when utility power is down.   To prevent this and risk to firefighters, they disconnect the solar systems to stop the flow of solar electricity.

Safety first!  All clients, employees and partners are urged to take every precaution to protect yourself and your family and loved ones during this local natural disaster.

Service & Installation Status:

We have many employees badly affected by the local natural disaster, and many more clients, neighbors and family members in desperate need of immediate assistance.   For this reason, SolarCraft has temporarily limited its ‘normal operations’ installing and servicing solar and clean energy systems to only performing critical path projects.  For at least the remainder of this week, SolarCraft is paying its crews and using its trucks, tools and resources to assist with Disaster Recovery throughout Sonoma, Marin and Napa.  We feel it is unsafe and inappropriate to continue work on solar projects while our local community is in such dire need – and we have able bodied crews and resources that are ready and willing to help.  We already have SolarCraft teams assisting at multiple Disaster Recovery centers and independently helping employees, clients, neighbors and local residents relocate and resettle.

On a daily basis, SolarCraft will be assessing the status of the wildfires, the safety of our teams and the needs of their families, air quality, traffic concerns, and constraints to utility services and public resources (affecting utility interconnections and permitting) in the hopes of fully transitioning back to our mission of building a more sustainable and resilient community as soon as possible.

We deeply appreciate your business and support, and thank you in advance for understanding that our commitment to the environmental, economic and social health of our community drives our work.