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Solar Electric System Service & Maintenance

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SolarCraft offers a wide range of solar panel services to residential and commercial solar electrical systems including Solar Panel Repairs, Maintenance, Monitoring, System Removal & Replacement for new roofs, Panel Cleaning and Inspections.

We staff licensed electricians and NABCEP certified technicians to provide all your solar energy system service needs.


Solar Panel Cleaning:   Solar modules are cleaned with a soft brush and deionized water.  It is estimated that regular cleaning can provide up to 20% more panel efficiency!

System Inspection for Home Appraisal & Resale

System Removal & Replacement for Reroofing or Repairs

System Upgrades: Solar Panel and/or Inverter Expansion

Performance Evaluations

Module Replacement

Inverter Repair & Replacement

System Check -  includes:

  • Ensure Inverter and modules are functioning properly
  • Check all module mounting components, tightened if needed
  • Inspect roof condition and attachments
  • Inspect array wire management
  • Inspect accessible DC/AC wire runs and terminations
  • Electrical conduit check
  • Inspect system grounding
  • Visually inspect for nesting under the arrays (birds or rodents

Install Critter Guard Edge Screening

Active Monitoring:   System production is checked at least twice per month.  A monthly system production report will be provided to the system owner.  Notifications will be sent if anything is abnormal or in need of service, reducing down time of your system and maximizing production.

Residential Service Plans*:

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* Service plans apply for solar electrical systems up to 8 kW. For larger systems, please contact us for a quote.

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