Residential Solar Electric Systems

Power Your Home with Green Energy & Cut Your Utility Bills

Solar is Better Energy for Your Home

Installing solar photovoltaic panels on your home is one of the best investments you can make — for yourself and for the planet. Whether you go 100% solar in your home, or just cut your electricity usage from the most expensive, top tiers — the payback from solar has never been better.

Switching to solar energy protects you from rising energy rates and guarantees a lower monthly electricity bill. Many purchasing options are available for your needs and budget, including financing with payments less than you are currently paying your utility!

Solar Electric Energy Expertise

Solar Electric Systems

Best in Technology & Design/Build Craftsmanship

Our creative, experienced team of engineers and installers bring over thirty five years of experience into each installation.

Solar Electric Systems

Solar Financing Options

Flexible solar purchasing options are available to fit your needs & budget.  We will to help you find the best way to buy solar easily and affordably.

Solar Electric Systems

Flexible Energy Solutions

Our creative, experienced team of engineers and installers will deliver the perfect solar energy system to suit your home and energy needs.

SolarCraft Clean Energy Solutions

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Financial Benefits of Solar

  • Save with the 30% federal tax credit and any current local/state rebates
  • Lower or eliminate electricity costs and beat future energy rate increases
  • Raise your property value without raising your property taxes. Solar energy systems in Marin, Sonoma and Napa are exempt from property tax.
  • Avoid high-tier electric rates while enjoying a 5-7 year ROI.
Solar Electric Systems
Solar Electric Systems

Why SolarCraft for Home Solar

We custom engineer and install each electric solar energy system to deliver maximum power and to last 25+ years.  We carefully evaluate your site and electricity usage to design a highly-efficient solar energy system that fits seamlessly with your property.  We handle all permits, rebate and PG&E applications.  We make it easy!  SolarCraft is licensed as both a general contractor (B) and electrical contractor (C-10).  The company was also one of the first contractors in California to obtain the solar energy license (C-46).  You are in good hands.

Best Warranties in the Business

SolarCraft provides a 10-year warranty for parts and workmanship, providing you peace of mind.  We will diagnosis and repair/replace any system or component, including roof attachment penetrations.  For even greater protection, the solar panels carry a 25-year warranty against defect and power output, backed by some of the world’s most successful corporations. Your investment is safe for the long term. The solar panels are estimated to last for well over 40 years.

Solar Electric Systems