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Solar Pool Heating Panel Service & Maintenance

solar pool heating panels

SolarCraft offers solar pool heating panel services to residential and commercial solar pool heating systems, including Repairs, Maintenance, System Removal & Replacement for new roofs, and Inspections.


System removal and replacement for reroofing or repairs

Pipe leaks

Panel repairs

Swimming pool equipment:  Solar controls, timers, pumps, heaters

For Spring Tune Ups and Winter Shut Downs of your solar pool heating system, we offer  a Planned Service Agreement:

Planned Service Agreement:   $250 (1 year)

Agreement Includes:
Spring Tune Up
Winter Shut Down  

Winter shut down – includes:

  • Check solar control for proper function in “OFF” mode
  • Disable solar control to prevent accidental turn on
  • Remove drain caps and/or disconnect pipes from panels to assure total drainage
  • Set filter pumps and sweep clock for winter operation and energy savings
  • Close the solar isolation valves
  • Leave a report of work performed

pool heated by solar panels

Spring start up – includes:

  • Check panels for any damage
  • Replace caps and close drains
  • Tighten and secure all clamps
  • Check solar control and valve operation
  • Set for maximum temperature
  • Check for proper flow to solar panels
  • Set all pump timers for maximum solar efficiency
  • Repair all minor leaks
  • Check for any obvious or potential problems
  • Leave a written report of all work performed


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