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Solar Hot Water for Your Home or Business

solar water heating panelsHeating water is one of the largest sources of energy consumption and C02 emissions in a household. A solar hot water system can reduce your home’s C02 emissions by 30% which means less dependence on your local utility company.

Utilizing solar energy for that heat is now easier and more affordable than ever. Solar hot water is the most cost-effective and efficient renewable energy available. Improved technology and financial incentives have made solar watering heating within reach for every homeowner — it saves you money, while saving energy and the environment.

Solar Hot Water Financial Incentives

Financial incentives are at their highest level, so now is the time to invest in a Solar Water Heating for your home or business before incentives drop. The State Rebate, combined with the current Tax Credit can mean savings of up to 60%!

solar rebate iconRebates

Federal and local incentives exist which dramatically reduce the cost of a new system. Residential systems can earn up to $1,875, while multifamily and commercial properties qualify for rebates of up to $500,000.

tax icon30% Federal Income Tax Credit

You may qualify for a tax credit of up to 30% of the installed system cost. Qualifying equipment must be certified by the Solar Rating Certification.

More Affordable

Technology has progressed to the point where, dollar for dollar, a solar hot water system is more affordable and provides greater energy output than any other form of renewable energy for your home. Using solar energy to heat your water can reduce your hot water bills up to 80% a month and adds significant value to your home. A solar hot water system will save you money and typically pays for itself within 4-8 years.

Improved Technology

New innovations in technology and design have made today’s solar hot water panels extremely efficient at capturing the sun’s energy to heat water. The technology has significantly progressed and is less intrusive than the bigger and heavier models used in the past. Modern solar hot water panels are lightweight, low-profile and require no maintenance — providing you years of trouble-free operation.

How Solar Water Heating Works

how solar water heating works

A solar hot water system is really quite simple. You’re using the sun’s energy to heat a solar collector full of solar fluid which then transfers that heat into your home’s hot water tank. The solar fluid in the system protects against freezing.

(1) When there is sufficient heat to be drawn from the collectors, a controller automatically turns the system on and activates pumps. (2) Heated solar fluid is then circulated from the collector… (3) through a heat exchanger where its heat is transferred to… (4) water in the solar storage tank. (5) Solar heated water in the solar storage tank is then drawn into the main water heater.

This circulation loop will continue as long as there is heat to be drawn from the collector. When there is little or no sun, the main water heater will still function providing ample hot water for your home.

Solar Hot Water Installations

SolarCraft has helped local homeowners and businesses save money and the environment with solar water heating. Here are images of several of our installations.