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Some people dream of zero net energy cost and of carbon emission free living. We help make it happen.  Advanced Clean Energy Solutions (ACES) by SolarCraft provides customized retrofit solutions to increase your home’s energy efficiency and comfort, while reducing utility bills and your carbon footprint.  Our certified professionals specialize in auditing for rebates and home energy scores; home energy conservation and efficiency contracting.  ACES covers everything from air duct sealing, insulation, windows, HVAC systems,  LED lighting, water heaters,  furnaces, cooling systems and more.  Upgrade your home and reduce your energy costs!

Home Energy Efficiency Expertise

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Home Energy Audits

We offer 3 levels of Energy Audits: Visual inspection, Home Energy Score (HES) and Building Performance Institute (BPI) level audit Required for Advanced Home Upgrade rebates.

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Conservation & Efficiency

It is always best to reduce before you produce. You can drastically reduce your home’s energy consumption and reduce energy costs by 30-50%, depending upon its age and upkeep over the years.

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Energy Upgrade Rebates

Bay Area homeowners can get cash incentives & rebates for improving their home’s efficiency. Take a whole-house approach to reduce energy use, increase comfort, and add value to your home.

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Energy Audits

1.  Visual inspection of home energy pathways include insulation, air sealing, HVAC systems & ducts, windows, lighting, water heater & appliances. A simple report with pricing is provided.

2.  Home Energy Score (HES). Developed by the Department of Energy used to demonstrate a home’s overall energy efficiency.  A formal report with a Home Energy Score is provided.

3.  Building Performance Institute (BPI) level audit with blower door for air leakage & duct tester for system efficiency.  The most comprehensive audit available about your home’s energy pathways.  Required for Advanced Home Upgrade rebates.

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Conservation & Efficiency

In our experience, for every $ dollar spent on efficiency and conservation there is a savings of about $1.25 on solar cost.  It pays to do this work first, plus your home is more comfortable and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home’s equipment is running accurately & efficiently.

This work starts with home air sealing and insulation, so the heat stays were it is supposed to.  From there, we look at your combustion appliances that run on carbon-based gas (HVAC, hot water, etc.), then on to windows, lighting and the smaller appliances.  It’s best to have a prioritized check-list, and we can help you do that for your home.

Energy Upgrade Rebates

Home Upgrade offers rebates for improvements that strengthen your home’s energy efficiency, and you’ll learn how heating, air conditioning, insulation, water, and other systems in your home are working together and which improvements will most effectively improve home comfort and reduce your energy consumption. Bundle your improvements to receive rebates for high efficiency furnaces and cooling systems, duct sealing and insulation, building air sealing, attic insulation, hot water systems, wall insulation, and more.

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