SolarCraft Remains the North Bay’s Leading Clean Energy Provider and Will Now Focus all Resources on Solar Electric and Battery Storage for Homes and Businesses.

We are sorry to announce that due to the wide ranging effects of the Coronavirus pandemic SolarCraft has discontinued our Solar Pool Heating Department as of Aug 28th, 2020. 



As of August 31st, our FAFCO sister company Diablo Solar is available to provide all solar pool heating services that SolarCraft previously provided.  Diablo Solar is a local Bay Area company and has been a FAFCO-authorized solar pool heating provider for more than 30 years.

We would like to offer our sincerest gratitude to all our Solar Pool Heating clients and to the many SolarCraft Thermal team employees that have worked to make this department thrive for more than three decades.

SolarCraft’s Solar Electric and Battery Storage will remain our primary company focus.   In order to ensure that our solar pool heating clients and our Thermal team are well taken care of, we have invited and supported the transition of our Solar Pool Heating business to our FAFCO sister company, Diablo Solar.  Diablo Solar is now available to provide all solar pool heating services that SolarCraft previously provided.  Diablo Solar is a local Bay Area company that is already active in the North Bay, and has been a FAFCO-authorized solar pool heating provider for more than 30 years. Please find more information on Diablo Solar at


  • As of Friday August 28th: SolarCraft is no longer offering Installation or Service of Solar Pool Heating systems, although we will continue to provide workmanship warranty services as needed.
  • As of Monday, August 31st:  Diablo Solar now provides Installation and Service of Solar Pool Heating systems in Marin and Sonoma counties, as they have in Napa and the SF East Bay. Diablo Solar is also available to provide annual services (Spring Tune Ups & Winterizations), repair & replacement services, as well as FAFCO manufacture warranty services and new solar pool heating system installations.
  • As sister companies within the FAFCO-authorized dealer network, SolarCraft and Diablo Solar have worked in partnership for decades, each servicing portions of the SF North Bay region.  We are confident that we can provide continuity of services for all clients in a professional, reliable manner.
  • The team members you currently work with at SolarCraft will be the people you will work with at Diablo Solar.
  • Existing SolarCraft Solar Pool Heating clients will be contacted by Diablo Solar to offer FAFCO solar pool heating services and ensure all clients that wish to continue services formerly provided by SolarCraft can do so without interruption.
  • Please note that this transition and partnership between SolarCraft and Diablo Solar only pertains to our solar pool heating businesses.

With Gratitude

Since 1984, SolarCraft has been the leading provider of Solar Pool Heating in Marin and Sonoma counties, installing and servicing FAFCO brand solar thermal systems for thousands of North Bay homeowners.  As well, for the past 20 years SolarCraft has also been one of the leading providers of Solar Electric (PV) and Battery Energy Storage for both residential and commercial clients.  We continue to be grateful to the thousands of homeowners and businesses that have chosen to partner with SolarCraft and continue to support our mission of building a more sustainable community.  However, these two business units, Solar PV and Solar Thermal, while managed under one brand with some shared resources, have mainly operated as separate businesses: Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage being a sub-specialty of the electrical contracting business while Solar Thermal relies more heavily upon pool building, pool service and plumbing expertise.  Our Solar Pool Heating business has always been a small ‘business within a business’ – as such it relies on a few industry veterans within this very specialized trade.  It is this solar thermal industry leadership and the expertise and experience of key team members that has made the SolarCraft pool heating department successful for so long, and it is this team that you will be able to continue working with at Diablo Solar – albeit now supported by a company that focuses a larger percentage of its resources on Solar Thermal.

While this is sad news to share, please know that we have not come to this decision lightly.  However, we are confident that this is the best path moving forward for our thermal clients, our thermal team, and for SolarCraft.  Operating as a small business, the impacts of the pandemic on our solar thermal team, our clients, and the local building agencies on which we rely have been significant – which has greatly disrupted our ability to provide pool solar services in a timely and consistent manner that our clients deserve.  So in order to ensure that our team and our clients are well taken care of, we have invited and supported the transition of our solar Pool Heating business to our FAFCO sister company, Diablo Solar.  Diablo Solar will now become the FAFCO-authorized service provider within Marin and Sonoma counties.  Please be reassured that most of our field operations team, including the leaders of this department, our Director of Operations and our Service Manager, have transitioned to Diablo Solar, working out of Diablo Solar’s new Petaluma office.  As well, all necessary steps have been taken so that all SolarCraft workmanship and FAFCO manufacturer’s warranty can be maintained.

Through all the current challenges affecting our area, SolarCraft, FAFCO and Diablo Solar have made plans to proceed as partners so that all of our mutual clients get the best in solar pool heating technology and service.

We hope you understand that this difficult transition for SolarCraft was necessary and we will continue working to ensure that our clients enjoy the benefits of our partnership – a sustainable way for our client’s families to enjoy a warm pool during this time at home!

The SolarCraft Team
SolarCraft Solar Pool Heating Service Dept