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Just three months left to secure NEM 2 – Act Now!

NEM is the arrangement solar owners have with PG&E to send excess solar energy back to the grid. In return, PG&E provides credit for the energy. The the credit is used to pay for the energy drawn from the grid at nighttime or when additional electricity is needed.

The current agreement, NEM2, will be revised to NEM 3 by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in Spring 2023. When that happens, the credits PG&E pays to solar owners will decrease significantly.

If you contract with SolarCraft now, we will submit your NEM application and secure your NEM 2 status—even if your system is installed after NEM3 takes effect. Once on NEM 2, it will be grandfathered for 20 years.

Our installation pipeline is already filling quickly so don’t wait!  SolarCraft’s experienced and knowledgeable Solar Energy Consultants are available to provide a comprehensive energy analysis and estimate at no cost.

After filling out the form:

  1. Instantly receive an email from our team
  2. We will access your property on Google maps and analyze your eligibility for solar (shading, roof pitch, roof type)
  3. You’ll receive a call within 1 business day
  4. We will schedule an on-site appointment with one of our consultants


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