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Solar Installations for
Napa Valley, California

Learn more about special considerations for commercial and residential solar panel installations in Napa Valley, Napa County.


Recent Solar Panel Installations in Napa Valley


260 Average Sunny Days per Year in Napa Valley:
Optimal for Solar Panel Function

Where a solar panel installation is located has one of the greatest impacts on performance out of nearly any metric. Some studies found that solar panel energy production can change as much as 5% just based on location alone.

So, how well suited is Napa Valley for solar panels?

Out of 365 days in the year, the urbanized area of Napa typically sees 260 sunny days every year, with an average 69 days’ worth of precipitation.

So, for roughly 71% of an average year, solar panel installations in Napa Valley can operate at peak efficiency on sunny days – a 27% improvement over the rest of the country, which sees only 205 sunny days on average.

In fact, the state of California as a whole is generally one of the very best regions of the country to experience high levels of the solar radiation required for solar energy creation, per the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Napa Valley’s Partial Urbanization Makes Solar Panels a Solid Choice



Did you know that solar panel installations impact more than just your electric bills? In fact, the more urbanized the area, the greater an impact solar panels can have on the local weather patterns.

One study found that solar panel installations on roofs reduced energy needed for air conditioning and cooling systems by 12%, while reducing the “urban heat island” effect that heats up cities and towns with high concrete rates.

Napa Valley has a relatively low rate of urbanization, per official United States census records.

Therefore, while Napa Valley does not suffer from the urban heat island effect, businesses and homes may still benefit from the side-benefits of reduced AC bills that come with localized solar panel installations.

Solar Panel Installation Tax Credits, Rebates, and Special Financing
in Napa Valley and Napa County

If you’re considering a new solar panel installation in Napa, then you may want to consider certain special tax credits and financing options available for both businesses and residential homes.

The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit

The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit – valid through the end of 2023 – is a federal program that allows homeowners to claim a tax credit worth up to 26% of the total “solar electric property” project cost. These costs can include labor, installation, expenses, and system wiring.

The Business Energy Investment Tax Credit

The Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is another federal program that offers a similar 26% tax credit incentive for certain types of commercial systems installed through the end of 2022. The incentive value will decrease for every year after until the end of 2025, at which point the incentive will remain at 10% of project cost.

Please note that should you choose to lease your solar panel installation, rather than purchase the system outright, then these financial incentives may not apply to you.

Feel free to contact us directly to evaluate which options are best for you!

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