Connolly Family Keeps Their Home Powered During Grid Outages, Saves on Utility Bills

Wanting an alternative to running their home with fossil-fuel based utility power and to lower their utility costs, the Connolly family are now powering the majority of their home’s electrical needs with solar electric panels and a Tesla Powerwall battery, while watching their utility bills plunge. Also looking to avoid the ongoing PSPS events throughout California, installing solar plus a battery backup was the solution.

The Tesla Powerwall is able to store excess energy generated by the solar panels and reduce the home’s grid reliance on a daily and nightly basis, and it also provides backup power. When the grid goes down the battery automatically provides sustained power. Solar and energy storage will also offset energy costs when electricity rates are at their peak, giving the Connolly’s maximum savings.

“We have been enjoying our solar panels and Tesla home battery now for several months and couldn’t be happier. Monitoring their performance is easy and I love seeing how we have been producing 100% of our home’s daily needs with our system. “  –Mary Connolly 


  • Saves Connolly family over $1,800 in electric bills annually
  • Shields the Connollys from electrical rate increases & peak rates
  • Powers their home during a grid outage
  • Offsets 88% of their energy usage
  • Will reduce CO2 emissions by 3 metric tons annually, equivalent to eliminating over 6,900 miles of driving each year

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