Fait Family Powers Their Home and Runs Their Car on 100% Sunshine

solar panels san rafael - fait family - solarcraftAs a SolarCraft employee, Lisa Fait was already familiar with the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy. With a low electricity bill, solar was an interest but not a priority. Then, utility rates continued rising as did the discomfort of being dependent on PG&E. Lisa and her husband, Steve, purchased an electric vehicle (EV) and while it felt great to be free of gasoline, their electricity bill almost tripled from charging the car.

By adding solar to their home, Lisa and Steve are protected from PG&E’s rates, while powering their home and car with clean energy. The investment will pay off even faster by producing their own electricity and eliminating the cost of fuel.

Solar paired with EVs has little to no impact on the environment and is an easy investment with near unbeatable returns. Even when they use more electricity than the solar generates, by charging their car at night, during off-peak rates, savings are still growing. Cumulative savings will pay off the cost of the system within a few years and then that solar powered energy is free and money not going to PG&E stays in their pockets.

BenefitsFait chart

  • Saves Fait family over $4,300 in electric bills annually
  • Powers their home & electric vehicle with solar power
  • Shields the Faits from electrical rate increases & peak rates
  •  Offsets 103% of their energy usage
  • Will reduce CO2 emissions by 7 tons annually, equivalent to eliminating over 17,235 miles of driving each year

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