Non-Profit Solar Electric Installation Project Profile

Hospice by the Bay aimed to lower its environmental impact by reducing and offsetting energy plus lowering operating expenses. The installation of this 158 kW photovoltaic system is reducing their utility  costs by thousands every month and lowering their carbon footprint.

Designed and installed by SolarCraft, the solar power system is roof mounted for maximum southern sun exposure and consists of 433 high-efficiency solar panels, producing 217,015 kWh annually.  Excess power generated during the day is banked by PG&E for credit towards future use, also reducing the strain on the local grid.

SolarCraft presents very favorable financing options, which allow non-profits to benefit from federal incentives.  With a lease or PPA, the provider is able to monetize federal incentives and passes the benefits through to non-profits via lower lease payments, or as in a PPA, lower contracted utility rates. Additionally, leases and PPAs are designed to minimize or eliminate initial up-front costs, making solar immediately affordable for non-profits that want to be green.

During the life of the system, nearly 7.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide generated by Hospice by the Bay’s operations will be eliminated.  This impact is equivalent to removing air pollution produced by over 9 million miles of driving over 25 years or the pollutants removed by 176 acres of trees in one year.

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