Storage / Multi-tenant Solar Electric Installation Project Profile

solar panels North BaySolarCraft both designed and installed this 35 kW solar electric system for North Bay Self Storage and Southpoint Lofts in Petaluma, CA, providing an estimated 85% of the facility’s annual electricity needs.

The company’s building is 78,000 square feet and now supports (208) 170 watt Mitsubishi solar panels. The 3,000 square feet of high capacity solar panels will generate roughly 35 kW peak power. By utilizing existing roof space to generate electricity on site, North Bay is helping to reduce peak electricity demands for others, while exhibiting sustainable business practices. The system will generate enough electricity to virtually eliminate peak-period usage, while also selling excess power back to the local utility company for credit. The credits are sold to the utility company at peak rates and the customer uses them back during the night.

Managing partners, Gary Arnstein and Robert Curtis, plus many of their investors have a commitment to using sustainable energy sources. “We are going solar because we think it’s the right action to take given the environmental crisis that our planet is in the midst of.”

The solar electric system will enable the facility to generate enough clean electricity each day to power 15 average homes. The new system will spare the air nearly 26 tons of harmful greenhouse gases annually, equivalent to the air filtering of 5.3 acres of trees. Over the next 30 years, the air pollution saved will be comparable to driving over 1.8 million miles.

Customer Profile
North Bay Self Storage and Southpoint Lofts is a multi-use property with both storage and offices. The facility opened in November 1999, with 513 storage units all equiped with fire sprinklers and alarms. Additionally, they have 12 office tenants. The facility is state of the art and adding solar is a socially conscious statement. The tenants are pleased that common areas will be powered with solar energy. North Bay is one of the first storage facilities to use solar energy and feel it is a positive step that other facilities should take.

“We think that going solar makes good financial sense in the face of anticipated ongoing rate increases from PG&E. SolarCraft had an edge because of their many years of experience in the solar business. Another reason for choosing SolarCraft was their impressive list of references.”
~ Gary Arnstein, Managing Partner, North Bay Self Storage and Southpoint Lofts

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