Corporate Business Solar Electric Installation Project Profile

Nova group commissioned SolarCraft to install a 187 kW solar panel installation as part of the company’s move to reduce reliance on the electrical grid and lower their environmental footprint.

Nova Group is now generating their own power and enjoying over a 90% reduction in their power bills, saving the company $2 million dollars in energy fees over the next 20 years.

Designed and installed by SolarCraft, the solar photovoltaic system is ground-mounted and consists of 612 Canadian Solar 305- watt solar panels, providing 292,230 kWh of sustainable solar power every year. The excess energy is fed back to PG&E, reducing the energy pressures on the local power grid.

The ground-mounted array showcases Nova’s commitment to renewable energy to the public, as well as to its employees.

Over the life of the system 229 tons of carbon dioxide will be eliminated from Nova Group’s carbon footprint, which is the equivalent of removing 19 million miles of driving over the next 25 years. That’s also comparable to the air pollution removed by more than 98 acres of trees. These numbers show there is a very positive impact with solar energy systems. Plus the system has about a 4-year payback. A win-win for the environment and their bottom-line.

Customer Profile

Nova Group, Inc. is a general engineering contractor with offices and a fabrication facility in Napa, California. Founded in 1976, Nova established its reputation by building steam lines for the U.S. Government at Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Today, Nova employs over 150 people worldwide; is one of the nation’s most experienced and respected general engineering contractors specializing in hydrant fueling, waterfront, and utility construction; and has received almost $1.2 billion in government contracts.

“We are pleased to join the ranks of those businesses and homeowners who are choosing to get off the grid! As a company we take pride in our innovative and forward thinking approach to our construction projects and we try to apply that same spirit to everything we do. Converting our home office and shop to solar is a concrete example of that.”
~Walter Birdsall, Chief Financial Officer, Nova Group

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