Financial Institution Solar Electric Installation Project Profile

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By going solar, Redwood Credit Union will offset about 61% of their utility grid demand and save the company thousands in utility fees every year. The 662 kW solar electric system was installed by SolarCraft at Redwood Credit Union’s administrative offices in Santa Rosa, CA, powering their facility with clean, sustainable solar power.

The solar array consists of 2,036 Suniva 320-watt solar panels, spanning over 42,460 square feet on the rooftop installation. Covering the majority of the rooftop, the solar panels further reduce the building’s heating and cooling load by insulating and protecting the roof.

 SolarCraft designed and installed the system to produce up to 945,097 kWh of clean, solar power annually and will provide an effective long-term hedge against future utility rate increases. Installing solar, a cost-effective and sustainable energy solution, is the latest upgrade to the LEED-certified facility, which has served as the Credit Union’s headquarters since 2007.

Redwood Credit Union’s solar power system will generate enough electricity to power 148 average homes and will avoid production of almost 272 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, which is the equivalent of removing 15 million miles of driving over the next 25 years. That’s also comparable to the air pollution removed by over 54 acres of trees.

Customer Profile

Redwood Credit Union provides personal and business banking services to anyone living or working in the North Bay or San Francisco.  RCU offers complete financial services including checking and savings accounts, auto and home loans, credit cards, online and mobile banking, business services, commercial and SBA lending, investment and financial planning services and more.

 “The addition of solar is a demonstration of our commitment to sustainable and earth-friendly practices. The additional benefit of long-term savings on power costs allows us to return even greater value to our 240,000 Members.”
~ Brett Martinez, President & CEO, Redwood Credit Union

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