Winery Solar Electric Installation Project Profile

Rodney -strong-wine-solar-panel-installation-solarcraft

This large, 1.5 megawatt solar power system demonstrates Rodney Strong’s commitment to reduce their energy use and enhance the social and environmental sustainability of its operations. Also looking to reduce operating costs, installing solar power will save them over $300,000 annually in utility fees.

Designed and built by SolarCraft, the sprawling solar power system is installed on three different production facility rooftops, consisting of 4,194 high-efficiency 350 watt solar panels and 40 inverters. The system will produce 2,038,441 kWh annually and any excess power they generate flows back into the local utility system greatly reducing the strain on the local power grid.

To further increase operational energy efficiency, Rodney Strong added a new sprayed polyurethane foam roof, greatly reducing cooling costs and providing a consistent temperature for barrel storage. The expansive solar array will provide added shade and cooling to the building.

With energy costs skyrocketing, a growing number of vintners are looking for ways to reduce their facility operations expenses for the long term. With a 25 year warranty and 40+ year design life on the major system components, this system will be positively affecting Rodney Strong’s bottom line for decades to come. Solar technology has improved, and with a tax break this clean, infinitely renewable power source is appealing to those in search of true sustainability and energy savings.

Click here to see the Time Lapse Video of a portion of the Rodney Strong Solar Panel Installation!

About Rodney Strong
Our story begins over 55 years ago, when a celebrated American dancer named Rod Strong settled in Sonoma County to pursue a second lifelong creative passion: winemaking. Rodney Strong Vineyards was the 13th winery bonded in the newly discovered Sonoma County wine industry. A trio of winemaking paths crossed when Rick Sayre joined the team as Winemaker in 1979, and again when the Klein Family, 4th generation California farmers, purchased the winery in 1989 and initiated a renewed commitment of modern artisan winemaking. Through the years, Rodney Strong Vineyards has earned the reputation for critically acclaimed Single Vineyard and Reserve wines, stand out Estate releases and best-in-class Sonoma County varietal wines.

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