San Rafael Resident Saves Over $1,700 Annually with Solar Electric System

SolarCraft residential solar energy installation

Mr. Schmidt compared several solar contractors to determine that SolarCraft had the expertise to install a solar electric system for him.

In addition to electricity produced for his household, the solar panels generate surplus electricity to sell to PG&E for energy credits. The system includes 16 SunPower panels and a grid-tied inverter from SMA America.

Mr. Schmidt’s utility bill has been reduced by 84%, plus solar power protects him from future utility rate increases.

San Rafael is an active solar community. Residents are turning to solar as a viable and attractive source of energy.
SolarCraft has installed more than 1,000 solar energy systems in the San Rafael area.


• Saves the Schmidt family over $1,700 in electric bills annually

• Will reduce CO2 emissions by 30 tons over 30 years, equivalent to eliminating over 2,800 miles of driving each year

• Increases property value without increase to property tax assessment

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