Powered by Solar Energy, Solters add Battery Storage and Avoid Blackouts

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Two years after installing a 7.5 kW solar electric system on their newly built home, the Solter family decided to add a Sonnen Battery Energy Storage System to their home to increase their capability to control their energy usage and to power their home during PG&E blackouts.

The solar electric system is saving the Solter family hundreds in utility bills, but the unprecedented grid outages across California due to wildfire risks, urged them to look into Energy Storage.

With the addition of a Solar Energy Storage System they can seamlessly continue to power their home when the grid goes down and the battery backup allows them to store additional power  generated from the solar panels during the day, to be used at night or to offset expensive peak utility rates, saving them even more.  The Solter family now has control over their energy usage, while savings hundreds in utility bills and never has to worry about the lights going off.


  • Saves Solter family over $2,700 in electric bills annually
  • Shields the Solters from electrical rate increases & peak rates
  • Powers their home during a grid outage
  •  Offsets 45% of their energy usage
  • Will reduce CO2 emissions by 7 tons annually, equivalent to eliminating over 16,700 miles of driving each year

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