Broadcasting Station Solar Electric Installation Project Profile

solar panels on hilltopThis 24.8 kW solar photovoltaic electric system provides powers to the Sundial Broadcasting Corporation in Sausalito, CA.  The broadcasting station sits on Mount Beacon atop the Marin Headlands and now operates with clean, renewable energy.

The project is expected to generate 34,977 kWh hours of electricity annually.  The solar will provide Sundial with nearly $403,000 in energy savings over the life of the system and meet 99% of the station’s electricity needs.

Designed and installed by SolarCraft, the solar photovoltaic system is ground mounted and engineered to solve difficult challenges presented by the coastal, mountain-top location such as high winds, salt mist corrosion and uneven, rocky terrain.   Spanning 1,654 square feet, the solar power system consists of (80) 310-watt solar panels, and high strength steel mount racking engineered with corrosion protection and for 100mph winds. These high-efficiency solar panels are certified for use in coastal and marine environments, ensuring the durability and performance of the project.

The system will be net-metered, so any solar energy not used by Sundial Broadcasting Corporation will be fed into the local electricity grid.

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