Medical Office Solar Electric Installation Project Profile

pr-West Marin Medical Center Solar - SolarcraftLooking to cut costs on utility bills and grow the sustainability of their bustling West Marin County medical practice, West Marin Medical Center flipped the switch to solar. SolarCraft designed and installed the 11.2 kW solar electric system at the Point Reyes Station, CA, medical office — saving them more than $3,660 in electrical costs annually, for decades to come.

The solar photovoltaic system consists of 28 high-efficiency 400-watt panels, producing 30,508 kWh annually.  The solar array is roof mounted and will offset over 53% off the facility’s annual electricity usage, providing thousands in utility bill savings that can be put back into running the office.

Solar makes perfect sense for medical clinics, being that they are often users of large amounts of energy with medical equipment and long hours.  Installing solar power is a smart way to slash high electrical bills and gain energy independence.

Over 22 metric tons of carbon dioxide will be eliminated during the life of the solar power system.  This impact is equivalent to removing air pollution produced by almost 54,000 miles of driving annually or the pollutants removed by over 28 acres of trees in one year.

Customer Profile

West Marin Medical Center is a private family practice medical office started by Dr. Whitt about 40 years ago in downtown Point Reyes Station, CA in West Marin County.  Since then he’s been assisted by several other general practice physicians, notably Michael Witte, now the leader of the Coastal Health Alliance, and the current staff of Dr. Colin Hamblin and family nurse practitioners.

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