Solar Power Reduces Electric Bill over 75% for the Williams Family

residential solar energy
As energy prices continued to climb, the Williams’ family electric bill reached $540. To save money and consumption, solar power was the solution for their energy needs. By utilizing SunPower high-efficiency modules, SolarCraft was able to design a system for maximum output for the space constraints of the rooftop.

The Williams’ system can produce an average of 1,260 kilowatt hours of electricity per month — approximately 75% of their average monthly electrical usage. Excess production, called “net metering,” flows back into the grid, for which they receive energy credits. In their first month of generating clean solar electricity, the Williams family reduced their bill to $133. Solar energy proved to be a sound way to take control of their rising electricity bills and minimize their impact on our environment.

solar savings chartBenefits

  • Saves the Williams family over $4,900 in electric bills annually
  • Increases property value without increase to property tax assessment
  • Low-profile, attractive design integrates with existing rooftop
  • Will reduce CO2 emissions by 263 tons annually, equivalent to taking 3 cars off the road for 25 years

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