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Commercial Solar Electric Systems

Power your Sonoma, Napa or Marin business with sustainable solar electricity
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Solar is Better Energy for Your Commercial Business

With every electric rate increase, commercial businesses in Napa, Sonoma, Marin and throughout California watch more of their profits disappear.  Installing solar photovoltaic panels on your business is one of the best investments you can make — for your business and for the planet.  SolarCraft, 100% Employee Owned, offers complete clean energy solutions for a range of industries, providing leading technology with comprehensive solutions that include professional project development and planning, competitive financing, expert design/build services, permit and utility administration, and reliable maintenance services.  Plus, the Federal Tax Credit covers 30% of the cost!

Commercial & Industrial Solar Expertise


Unrivaled Industry Experience

For over 40 years SolarCraft has been the local leader providing solar power systems for commercial & industrial businesses throughout California.

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Best in Technology & Design/Build Craftsmanship

Our experienced team brings over 40 years experience to deliver the perfect solar energy system for your business.

solar panel financing

Commercial Solar Financing

Many new and innovative approaches are available to help you purchase or finance solar energy – resulting in the lowest cost for energy and greatest savings.

Solar Clean Energy Solutions




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and we’ll show you how to reduce or eliminate electric bills.

Why Commercial Solar

  • Eliminate or reduce your electric bill, plus turn a large expense liability into a valuable asset
  • Generate electricity with clean, renewable solar energy — lower your carbon footprint
  • Maximize your return on investment.  Solar can deliver a ROI in as few as five years
  • Avoid paying high-tier electric rates and take control of your operating costs

Indian Springs Spa, Calistoga 140 kW  >>

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San Rafael Police City Hall solar SolarCraft

Why SolarCraft

SolarCraft has over 35 years of experience designing, engineering, installing, and maintaining commercial solar energy systems in Napa, Sonoma, Marin and throughout California. Our employees hold the highest certifications in the solar energy industry and We use only the highest quality components from solar power industry leaders.



<<  San Rafael City Hall & Police Department 246 kW

Custom Engineered for Your Business

We start with a detailed site inspection to determine the best fit and technology for your location and energy requirements. Our trained experts design, install, monitor and maintain every system we make to last 25-30 years.

  • SolarCraft custom engineers and installs each electric solar energy system to deliver maximum power and fast ROI
  • We carefully evaluate your site and electricity usage to recommend a highly-efficient solar energy system that fits seamlessly with your property

Jacuzzi Family Vineyards, Sonoma 124 kW  >>

Solar for Commercial & Non-Profits

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