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Below you will find instructions on how to obtain the energy usage and account information SolarCraft will use to develop the most appropriate, and most valuable, clean energy system for your home.  Please download and send us the Green Button Data AND your most recent PG&E bill so that we can help you maximize the financial, environmental and safety benefits of solar and battery storage.

If you prefer to following along to a Step-by-Step video, please click the button below to view the video instructions:

2. Click on the Energy Usage Details link.

PG&E energy usage 1

3. Below the Graph on the Energy Usage Details page, Click on “Green Button” Data

green button data PGE

4. Scroll down and select “Export All Bill Totals” and “CSV” Click on “EXPORT”

PG&E data

5. Open the zip file and send only the electrical data in an EXCEL or PDF format to your Clean Energy Consultant. We will not need the gas data.

This file will provide us your monthly usage and energy costs so we can see the seasonality and consistency of your electric usage over the months or years. If you are currently on a time-of-use rate plan, it will also show us when you used power.


Please send over a copy of your most recent PGE bill so that we may confirm what electric rate you are on, your baseline territory and account name and address – which becomes very important later on in the process of going solar. It will also confirm if you are on Marin Clean Energy (MCE) or Sonoma Clean Power (SCP).

We will need both documents to properly model a solar electric system to offset your current and future electrical needs.

A note for clients that are on MCE or SCP – this PG&E data excel file will inform us how much energy use you are using each month, and what PG&E is charging you – but keep in mind it will not reflect your total cost of energy – to get your total cost of energy you have to add PG&E and CCA charges. The good news is that solar offsets the cost of both utilities, and we will account for this in our proposals.