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SolarCraft Brings Solar to Windsor Fire Station

By October 1, 2009March 14th, 2022No Comments

Local Fire Station now Powered by the Sun

Windsor fire station solar panelsNovato-based SolarCraft announced the completion of a solar electric generating system at the newly constructed Fire Station No. 2 in Windsor, CA.

The 11.5 kW solar electric system consists of 50 SunPower high efficiency 230 watt solar panels that power the fire house with renewable, clean energy. The solar energy system is roof mounted on the station’s 1,160 square foot carport structure and is expected to generate 17,331 kilowatt hours annually. The solar panels provide clean electricity while protecting the carport roof.

Part of the Windsor Fire Station’s sustainable building strategy, the solar energy system contributed to the station acquiring a LEED certification. Newly elected Mayor Debora Fudge said it was important to achieve the LEED standard as a means of educating the public about green building. “The big picture is we’re reducing the carbon footprint.”

The new system will enable the station to generate enough clean electricity each day to power 6 average homes. It will spare the air nearly 10 tons of harmful greenhouse gases annually. Over the next 30 years, the air pollution saved will be equivalent to driving over 700,000 miles. The system will pay for itself in approximately 6 years.

About Windsor Fire Station

The new LEED certified Windsor Fire Station will give Windsor a fully-staffed, 24-hour station on each side of the Highway 101 freeway. The $7 million station across from Windsor High School and next to the town’s public works offices is described by Town Manager Matt Mullan as the “greenest building in Windsor”. The new building employs solar electricity, recycled water, recycled materials and has a significant amount of natural light.

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