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SolarCraft Brings Solar Energy to Napa Valley Vintners’ Office

By February 10, 2010March 14th, 2022No Comments

Historic Glen Elen landmark Jackse Winery now using solar power

Novato-based SolarCraft announced the completion of a solar electric generating system at the newly renovated Jackse Winery in Glen Ellen. The historic building is now powered by clean, green energy.

The 13.5 kW solar electric energy system consists of 60 SunPower high efficiency 225 watt solar panels that power the facility with free energy from the sun. The solar energy system is roof mounted and is expected to generate 8,069 kilowatt hours annually.

The Napa Valley Vintners is renovating the building to be used as office and meeting space and to provide a permanent home for the non-profit trade association that includes 370 member wineries. The project is designed to achieve a LEED certification, and to retain the historical character of the original site following the U.S. Department of the Interior’s standards for historic building renovations.

Enough clean electricity will be generated each day to enable Napa Valley Vintners’ solar energy system to power 7 average homes. It will spare the air nearly 12 tons of harmful greenhouse gases annually. Over the next 30 years, the air pollution saved will be equivalent to driving over 822,000 miles. The system will pay for itself in approximately 6 years.

About Jackse Winery

The winery was originally built around the turn of the 20th century, founded by early Napa Valley winemaker Stephen Jackse who was one of the few vintners arrested for bootlegging during Prohibition. After Repeal, the winery operated until 1951 and since then has sat vacant. The original grape press still remains.

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