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SolarCraft Completes Santa Rosa Solar Energy Installation for City’s Utilities Department

By October 1, 2010March 14th, 2022No Comments

work crew installs solar panels in Santa RosaNovato and Sonoma-based SolarCraft announced the completion of a 103 kW solar energy installation at West College Utilities Department Complex, Santa Rosa, CA. The newly constructed 40,000 square-foot operations and training cente is now powered by the sun.

The 103 kW solar energy installation at the Utilities Department facility consists of two separate systems. One system is mounted on the flat surface area of the roof, consisting of 334 SunPower 230 watt solar panels. SolarCraft engineered and installed the non-penetrating roof mount system, utilizing SunPower T10 solar roof tiles that span over 4,608 square feet. The solar roof tiles insulate and protect the roof, while the tile tilt and reflectors allow for maximum energy output.

The second solar energy system is mounted on the four sloping “saw tooth” standing-seam portion of the roof at the north end of the building, utilizing 120 SunTech-200 watt panels, covering over 1,800 square feet of roof space.

In total, the solar energy systems will generate approximately 119,000 kilowatt hours of solar energy annually, providing most of the facility’s yearly energy consumption. The added insulation saves energy by reducing the building’s heating and cooling demands. The buildings have incorporated other energy-efficient features, such as solar tubes, natural lighting, high-efficiency heating and cooling units, and water recycling systems.

The new solar energy systems will enable West College Utilities to generate enough clean electricity each day to power over 52 homes. They will spare the air nearly 91 tons of harmful greenhouse gases annually. Over the next 30 years, the air pollution saved will be equivalent to eliminating over 6.3 million miles of driving.

About West College

West College Avenue Phase III construction project started in 2009 with the construction of the 40,000-square-foot operations and training center and an adjacent warehouse and shop, including parking for 450 cars and 100 pieces of equipment. “The network of metal-clad structures just north of the city’s bustling corporation yard will give the utilities crews and their specialized equipment the space they need to operate more efficiently and comply with new regulations”, said Utilities Department Director Miles Ferris. The city received nearly $300,000 in rebates for its solar system and efficient heating and cooling systems.

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