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SolarCraft Brings Solar Power to Napa Valley Hospice and Adult Day Services

By May 4, 2015March 14th, 2022No Comments

Napa Valley Non-Profit Goes Green

Napa solar, solar panels napa, non-profit solarNovato and Sonoma based SolarCraft announced the completion of a 106.3 kW solar electric panel system at Napa Valley Hospice and Adult Day Services (NVHADS) in Napa, CA. They are now generating their own power from the sun and saving thousands in utility costs each year. More importantly, with that savings they are able to provide more services to the community.

“Making the change to solar power will have a profound, positive impact on our agency for many years to come,” said NVHADS President and CEO Linda Gibson. “We very much appreciate the quality, expertise, and professionalism that SolarCraft brought to this project, which is helping us become energy efficient and more sustainable, as well as able to focus more of our financial resources on patient care.”

The solar photovoltaic system is mounted on the roof of the facility with high-efficiency SunPower solar electric modules. The system converts sunlight directly into electricity and is expected to generate approximately 158,550 kilowatt hours of emissions-free electricity each year, reducing the facility’s PG&E bills by an estimated 95%. Just as important to the nonprofit is the dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas impacts, with the CO2 equivalent of eliminating over 2.6 million miles of driving over the life of the system.

Getting to this point was no small task, with the solar project team – lead by Director of Development, Joanne Sutro, and Board Chair, Steve Silva – carefully determining the project parameters, selecting a vendor, and negotiating the best financing vehicle always with the goal of providing solar in a way that delivered the most value possible to NVHADS. Additionally, the project had considerable design challenges, due to multiple roof planes, shading, and high electricity bills that required using every bit of feasible roof space available. SolarCraft’s Director of Commercial Projects, Robert Gould, recalls it taking several design iterations to “find the right balance between the best financial return, product quality and reliability, and aesthetics. It was no small task on this project, but we felt honored to be chosen and to help our client go solar and forward their mission at the same time”.

In addition to SunPower modules, SolarCraft engineered the system with SolarEdge inverter-optimizers, which provide all the functionality of micro-inverters at lower cost and with lower risk. The SolarEdge power optimizers ensure each and every module is operating at maximum efficiency, regardless of shading, soiling, and/or the orientation of the other modules.

About Napa Valley Hospice and Adult Day Services
Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services, a non-profit organization, provides life-affirming care with remarkable compassion during life’s most challenging transitions. Celebrating their 36th year, the programs have served more than 10,000 families in the Napa Valley over the past decade alone, and provide an important support service within the community. Programs and services include: hospice care, palliative care, grief counseling, adult day health care, Alzheimer’s resource center and caregiver support and respite.

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