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The Best in Residential Solar Technology & Design/Build Craftsmanship

Industry Leaders with Decades of Experience

Experience Counts

SolarCraft’s mission is to deliver the most valuable clean energy solutions for our North Bay community.  We do this by providing the best in solar technology and design/build craftsmanship, with systems supported by 25 year warranties from the most proven, investment-worthy manufacturers and SolarCraft, one of the only solar companies in California that has been in business long enough to honor decade-long warranties.

SolarCraft is the largest and most enduring solar provider based in the North Bay, and we believe our unique position in the market allows us to provide solutions and services that are uniquely valuable to our clients.  We are large enough to buy a wide range of products at scale and be cost-competitive with publicly-traded, national solar providers, yet we are also a privately held 100% employee-owned company that focuses exclusively in and around the San Francisco North Bay region – and so able to deliver custom solutions with care and attention provided by local in-house experts.  Our clients are not numbers that get lost in the shuffle of optimized profits, they are our neighbors and we are always grateful to welcome you to the SolarCraft community.

Full Service Solar from Start to Finish

In addition to key partnerships with a variety of leading solar manufacturers and finance partners, SolarCraft has in-house professionals performing all of critical functions required to deliver customized solutions that improve solar performance and system reliability, maximizing financial savings and home value.  After 35 years supporting the North Bay – we rely on referrals, great references, and repeat clients for the majority of our business.  Everything we do is driven by a client-first approach:

  • Expert Energy Analysis
  • Realistic Property and Electrical infrastructure evaluation – at your property, not online by outdated satellite imagery
  • Financing considerations – financing that accommodates clients needs and delivers most value to client, not the bank or wall street.
  • Technology Selections – SolarCraft optimal performance
  • NEM / Utility Interconnection management
  • Design / Engineering / Permitting
  • Professional Project Management
  • Construction with experienced, in-house crews led by foreman
  • Electrical Upgrades (if needed) and Interconnections
  • QA/QC
  • Monitoring
  • Service and O&M

Steps to Going Solar

The SolarCraft Process

SolarCraft will make your transition to Solar Energy Simple and Worry-Free.  We’ll complete all of the paperwork and make sure you get all federal tax credits you are eligible to receive.  Our installers are our employees, not sub-contractors who may not have the certifications and experience our installers have.  We will streamline the process for you to ensure the installation is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On Site Evaluation

Professional Energy Analysis and Technical Site Evaluation

Customized Proposal

Technology and Finance Options - complete project costs

Design & Permitting

In-House expert designers value engineer each system

Expert System Installation

Professional Project Managers & install teams deliver on time & on budget

Final Inspections & Utility Interconnection

Final inspection & permit sign off - PG&E then issues 'Permission to Operate'

Monitoring & Maintenance

Our In-house, local service teams are responsive, knowledgeable and accountable

Start Saving!

Enjoy the significant financial and environmental benefits of solar!

Every home is different, and every project is unique.  Once you’ve gone through these steps, you’ll have a reliable and productive solar system that can easily produce electricity for 25 or more years.  Say goodbye to your electric bill and enjoy energy independence!