Solar Power for Your Home

Reduce Your Power Bills and Your Carbon Footprint

Say Goodbye to High Utility Bills

We offer complete clean energy solutions for your North Bay home that include Solar Electric, Solar Pool Heating, Battery Storage, EV Charging stations and more; providing industry-leading technology with comprehensive solutions that include professional project development and planning, competitive financing, expert design/build services, permit and utility administration, and reliable maintenance services. We’ll make your switch to clean energy easy & affordable.

SolarCraft Areas of Expertise

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Solar Electric Energy

SolarCraft designs, installs and services custom solar electric (photovoltaic) systems to supply your home or business with low-cost clean power.  With over thirty-five years experience and 6,700 clients, we will make your transition to solar easy and affordable.


Solar Pool Heating

We can help you stretch your swimming season from 2 months during the summer, to mid-April through September.  SolarCraft was chosen as the Marin/Sonoma exclusive distributor for FAFCO, the world’s largest manufacturer of solar pool heating panels.

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Energy Storage/Batteries

True energy independence. Store excess solar energy which can be used to power your home during electrical outages and at night when your solar electric system is not producing. You can also save money by using stored solar energy to offset peak energy rates.

Clean Energy Solutions

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Why Solar

  • Slash or eliminate your utility bill and beat future rate hikes
  • Save with the 30% federal tax credit on a solar electric (photovoltaic) system
  • Heat your pool to 86 degrees with free energy from the sun with a solar pool heating system
  • Raise your property value without raising your property taxes. Solar energy systems in Marin, Sonoma and Napa are exempt from property tax.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint. The average residential solar energy system prevents the production of 3 tons of greenhouse gases per year. That’s equivalent to planting nearly 1 acre of trees, or driving nearly 200,000 miles over the 25-year life of the system.
Solar Power for Your Home
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Why SolarCraft

SolarCraft is a full-service solar contractor with over 35 years experience.  Proudly 100% Employee Owned, we employ licensed and certified solar installers who are experts in their field and committed to quality installation, design, materials, and customer service.  SolarCraft handles all the paperwork to maximize current solar rebates and tax incentives and offers financing solutions so you can switch to clean energy affordably and easily.  We are locally focused in the North Bay – creating a more sustainable community one rooftop at a time.

Why Now

The decision to install solar panels on your home usually starts with wanting to save on your energy bills, but the impacts of renewable energy are far reaching.  Electricity generation from fossil fuels is a leading cause of air pollution, erosion, seismic activity, greenhouse gas emissions, contamination of drinking water and fragmentation of wildlife habitats.  Solar is the only source of electricity that does not consume or pollute water to operate.  One kilowatt of energy produced by solar panels prevents 300lbs of C02 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

We believe there is a better way to power our community, and to create a more sustainable North Bay.  Go solar, it makes a difference.

Solar Power for Your Home