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Solar Electric Panel Service & Maintenance

We Support Solar Energy Technology for Your California Home or Business

Keep your Solar System Performing

SolarCraft offers a wide range of solar panel services to residential and commercial solar electrical panel systems.  We respond to any performance issues to keep your system up and running so you do not have to worry about downtime, saving you money.

SolarCraft can maintain, repair and upgrade any solar panel system for maximum energy production and efficiency.

Solar Service & Maintenance Experts

Solar Power System Service & Maintenance

Residential Solar Electric Service & Maintenance

Our licensed electricians & technicians to provide all your solar energy system service needs.  Our experienced & capable service/repair team will keep your system performing at peak performance.

solar panel technician

Commercial Solar Electric Service & Maintenance

Protect your solar investment and keep it running at maximum production.  From performance monitoring to warranty claims and bird screening, we help insure that your solar power investment is running at optimal performance.

Solar Pool Heating - How it Works

Solar Pool Heating Service Discontinued to Focus on PV & Battery Storage

Due to the wide ranging effects of the Coronavirus pandemic we have transitioned our Solar Pool Heating Department to our Fafco sister company, Diablo Solar as of Aug 28th, 2020.

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Solar Electric Service for Homes

  • System Removal & Replacement for Reroofing or Repairs
  • System Upgrades: Solar Panel and/or Inverter Expansion
  • Module Replacement
  • Inverter Repair & Replacement
  • Warranty Claims
  • Bird Screening
SolarCraft solar panel repair and service
SolarCraft solar panel service commercial

Solar Electric Service for Businesses

  • Warranty Claims
  • System Upgrades: Solar Panel and/or Inverter Expansion
  • Replace or repair damaged or failed solar system components
  • System optimization for peak solar performance
  • Inspect for any delamination, moisture, water leaks, or corrosion within modules
  • Verify code compliance and/or safety inspection