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Solar Power for Wineries and Agriculture

Go Solar in Your Napa or Sonoma Vineyard to Control Your Energy Costs

Harvest the Power of the Sun

SolarCraft is a preferred provider of solar photovoltaic electric systems for Napa and Sonoma wineries, farms and vineyards, providing clean, stable, low-cost sources of electric power that will last for generations.  Harvest the power of the sun and use sustainable, clean solar power.  Take back control and improve your bottom line.

Agricultural farming, processing and storage have high and variable energy needs. High electrical rates have become one of the more expensive and unpredictable costs of running a winery or farming operation. SolarCraft can design and install a solar electric system to cut your operating costs, increase self-reliance, and reduce greenhouse gas production.

Winery & Agriculture Solar Energy Expertise

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Unrivaled Industry Experience

SolarCraft is a preferred provider of solar photovoltaic power systems for wineries, farms and vineyards - over 35 years of experience you can count on.

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Best in Technology & Design/Build Craftsmanship

Our experienced team of engineers and installers will deliver the perfect solar energy system to suit your business and energy needs.

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Commercial Solar Financing

SolarCraft offers new and innovative approaches to help you purchase or finance solar energy for your business - resulting in the lowest cost for energy.

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and we’ll show you how to reduce or eliminate electric bills.

Benefits of Solar Energy for Agriculture & Wineries

  • Decades of free, clean power and lower operating costs
  • Quiet, virtually maintenance-free with a 25-year warranty
  • 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit and Accelerated depreciation
  • Federal Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) program
  • Up to 20% return on investment
  • 100% emissions-free – reduce pollution and lower your carbon footprint

Anaba Wines, Sonoma 167 kW >>

Solar for Wineries & Agriculture

Industry Leader in Agricultural and Winery Solar

We will deliver a well-designed, space efficient and solidly built system using advanced technology components to provide decades of clean, renewable energy and a rapid return on investment in as few as 5 years.  Best of all, we sweat the details and handle all the rebate paperwork. That’s why winery & agricultural businesses throughout Napa & Sonoma rely on SolarCraft for their switch to solar.

<< Paramount Farms, Lost Hills 1 MW

Free Electricity

We start with a detailed site inspection to determine the best fit and technology to suit your location and your energy requirements. Using the highest quality photovoltaic components from industry leaders, our trained experts design, build and maintain every system we make to last 30+ years. Think of it as “free electricity” and then consider how that will lift your bottom line.

Rodney Strong Wine Estates, Healdsburg 1.5 MW  >>

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