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Enduring Partnership Brings Solar to Bay Area Nonprofits

Novato and Sonoma based SolarCraft, a leading North Bay solar installer for over 35 years, and California Clean Energy (CCE), a Renewable Energy Service Provider for nonprofit organizations, are celebrating a long-standing partnership to build sustainability in the North Bay.  For over a decade, SolarCraft and California Clean Energy have partnered to provide solar energy for nonprofit organizations throughout the Bay Area through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

A PPA is common way for non-profits to install clean, solar electricity with no upfront capital expense. It offers a stable fixed electricity price that is lower than from the utility. Since most nonprofits do not have money to risk, it also allows them the opportunity to have solar with no future maintenance costs.

Nonprofits can have renewable energy technology without any expense, paying only for the clean energy produced.  With over 35 years’ experience in roof, ground mounts and carports solar construction, SolarCraft designs, engineers and installs the solar power panels systems, while CCE purchases, maintains, and services the systems. The nonprofits only pay CCE for the energy produced at a fixed, reduced rate that is cheaper than PG&E’s cost of energy. As a result nonprofits save a tremendous amount of money over the term of the agreement.

“Enabling our communities’ non-profits to participate in the green revolution while saving money for their purpose is really satisfying. We couldn’t have done it without CCE,” said Phil Alwitt, CEO of SolarCraft.

SolarCraft and CCE are both committed to decreasing the use of polluting fossil-fuels that are still used to produce the majority of the energy in our country.  Together, their services can provide nonprofit entities the opportunity to replace fossil fuels with clean electricity from the sun where they otherwise could not afford to do so.

“We appreciate working with nonprofits, enabling them to have solar installed without any upfront cost: it’s a win for the organizations and for Earth,” said Jeff Ilfeld, California Clean Energy CEO/Founder.  “Together with SolarCraft, the nonprofits end-up with the best design and installation available!”

Since 2013 SolarCraft and California Clean Energy have brought renewable energy to nearly 40 nonprofit entities in the San Francisco Bay Area, with installations ranging from 19 kW to 354 kW. A total of more than 2.7 MW of solar power have been produced as a result of the collaboration.  Some notable clients include Sonoma Academy, Hospice by the Bay, Marin Tennis Club, Sonoma Community Center, Richmond Yacht Club, Sleepy Hollow Community Center & Swim Club, Point Blue Conservation (formerly Point Reyes Bird Observatory), the California Indian Museum & Cultural Center and over twenty Churches and Houses of Worship.

Together, SolarCraft and CCE are dedicated to providing nonprofits with affordable, renewable solar energy. In turn, this allows more of their money to be put towards their missions while also reducing their carbon footprint.

Sonoma Academy solar panel installations by SolarCraft of Novato, California

Sonoma Academy

Marin hospice by the bay solar

Hospice by the Bay

residential solar ground mount Woodacre California

|  Spirit Rock Meditation Center

About SolarCraft
SolarCraft is 100% Employee-Owned and one of the North Bay’s largest green-tech employers for over 35 years.  SolarCraft delivers Clean Energy Solutions for homes and businesses including solar electric and battery storage.  With over 8,500 customers, SolarCraft’s team of dedicated employee-partners is proud to have installed more solar energy systems than any other company in the North Bay.  Follow along @SolarCraft on Facebook and Twitter.

About California Clean Energy
California Clean Energy (CCE) is a renewable energy service provider specializing in helping nonprofit organizations. CCE works directly with solar installation companies to offer solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) specially tailored for nonprofits, helping them overcome the financ