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SolarCraft CEO Ted Walsh meets with Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom

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North Bay Solar Leader Discusses Energy, Economics and the Environment with California’s Leading Gubernatorial Candidate

pr-Ted-Walsh-SolarCraft-Gavin-NewsomThe CEO of Novato and Sonoma-based SolarCraft, a leading provider of solar and clean energy solutions for homes and businesses, met with Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom to discuss challenges facing the state and North Bay region.  The lunch, attended by local business and environmental leaders, was hosted by Donald Simon and Zach Wasserman of the law firm Wendell, Rosen, Black & Dean in Oakland, CA in support of Newsom’s campaign for governor.  The discussion covered local, state and global topics including renewable energy, economic and environmental leadership, education, healthcare and homelessness.

“Gavin gets it,” says SolarCraft CEO, Ted Walsh, who has been a leader in the solar industry for over a decade. “California is the fifth largest economy in the world, a leader in renewable energy, and leads with the strongest environmental laws in the country. We need leaders who understand that growth can be achieved without sacrificing our environment, our health and wellness, and our values.”

A Bay Area local, Gavin Newsom is the former mayor of San Francisco and the leading gubernatorial candidate in the 2018 election.  As mayor, Gavin led San Francisco to become one of the nation’s most environmentally friendly cities and a leader in the development of renewable energy.  He has long promoted environmental justice and forging a new sustainable path towards job creation and economic growth.

Ted Walsh assumed the role of CEO at SolarCraft in 2017.  Having previously led two of the nation’s biggest solar providers, he is excited to lead the largest and most enduring solar provider in the North Bay.  For more than a decade, Ted has advanced the idea that sustainability must balance financial, environmental and social benefits – and that by reducing the air and water pollution from fossil-fuel energy generation, renewable energy can directly improve health and wellness, minimize the financial instability that comes from rising healthcare costs, create meaningful jobs, and help drive social equality.  Ted’s success in the solar industry ranges from developing the largest community- solar purchase program in the country in Marin, Sonoma and Napa to providing solar for global corporations Apple, Pepsico, and eBay, to helping many of the region’s most well-known wineries convert to using clean energy.

“We need a political climate change,” Walsh suggested to the gathering.  “And a way to connect over common values.  Some of the population may not agree with my views on global warming or climate change, but everyone is concerned about pollution, the health and well-being of their family, and their cost of living.  Without clean air and water and a healthy environment, a great economy won’t be worth much.”  Walsh added that he is “confident that Gavin Newsom can lead meaningful change and that he understands the big picture of the business and politics, but also remains focused on improving the lives of everyday people.”

SolarCraft delivers Solar and Clean Energy Solutions for homes in the North Bay and businesses throughout Northern California. SolarCraft provides the most advanced solar technology with expert in-house design/build services; all back by comprehensive warranties supported by 35 years of experience and dedicated service teams.  SolarCraft is 100% Employee-Owned and is proud to be one of the largest green-tech employers in the area. A Certified Green Business and a Pacific Sun ‘Best in Marin’ Hall of Fame member, our team of dedicated employee-partners is proud to have installed more solar energy systems than any other company based in the North Bay. We invite you to learn more about SolarCraft and the economic and environmental benefits of solar at

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