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Community. Commitment. Gratitude.

We would like to update our employees, clients and community on the steps SolarCraft is taking to respond to the evolving public health crisis, and to express our deepest sympathies to all those that are most impacted by this pandemic.

SolarCraft is open for business, continuing to provide the best in solar and battery storage solutions for clients in the San Francisco North Bay.  Our energy consultants and business operations teams have worked from home offices throughout the local Shelter-in-Place orders to help clients evaluate and advance their clean energy goals.  As of May 4th, our installation crews and service techs have resumed work after being suspended for more than a month to comply with local health authorities. SolarCraft’s services have now been designated ‘essential business’ by Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties and allowed us to return to full operational capacity and work toward fulfilling our mission of building a healthier and more sustainable community.

SolarCraft is doing all it can to work safely and keep our teams healthy during these challenging times. Our enhanced Covid-19 health and safety procedures go beyond current health guidelines.  Safety starts with clear and consistent communications with clients to make sure all concerns are addressed, all expectations are understood, and all safety procedures are followed. SolarCraft technical teams are outfitted with masks, gloves, PPE, hand washing stations and can work without person to person contact with clients as well as maintain safe distancing protocols. Our crews clean and sanitize ground level equipment and job sites, and the areas we typically work are outdoors and external to living areas.  For the last few months and going forward we have required all staff to minimize person to person contact, the health of all employees is monitored daily and any with symptoms are required to stay home – and of course we are following public health & safety guidance closely.

We are all in this together.  Our team at SolarCraft has been dedicated to the North Bay community for more than 35 years.  SolarCraft is100% Employee-Owned, each of our partners being as committed to our company as we are to our community.  We are proud to have installed more solar systems than any other locally based company and to be one of the region’s largest green-tech employers. We are grateful to live and work in one of the most beautiful places on earth and to have become an essential business partner within such an amazing local community.

We are resilient together, and we are confident that we will grow stronger through this new hardship.  As business owners and members of this community, SolarCraft’s team has faced adversity and prevailed over the last few years; enduring unprecedented wildfires, tariff and trade wars, utility bankruptcies, repetitive power outages, as well as the everyday challenges of living and working in the competitive culture of Northern California.  And yet we have a lot to be grateful for – we love what we do and who we do it for.  We cannot say ‘Thank You’ enough to the 8,000+ clients that have partnered with SolarCraft and all those continuing to do so.  Your support for local business, your investment in clean energy, and your leadership in financial and environmental responsibility are what drives us.

SolarCraft is back to building with strict COVID-19 Safety Protocols in place.

CLICK HERE to review SolarCraft’s COVID-19 safety protocols for all employees.

As SolarCraft fully reopens for business, it will certainly not be business as usual.  We return with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper appreciation for the work we do.  It didn’t take a pandemic for any of us to know that it is absolutely essential that our society transitions from expensive fossil-fuel based utility-power to renewable energy.  SolarCraft solar systems provide energy independence, increased property values, save our clients tens of thousands of dollars, and also protect our local environment by reducing air and water pollution.

The world may not be the same again, and it’s up to all of us to make it better than it was.  Our team is dedicated to the recovery of our community, and by providing the best technology and design/build craftsmanship, SolarCraft hopes to help our clients realize all the financial and environmental benefits of clean energy and help us build a healthier and more sustainable future.

Take care and be safe,

Ted Walsh

Partner | CEO

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