Commercial Business Solar Electric Installation Project Profile

solar-installation at Body Kinetics gym SolarCraftFitness fans can now get in shape at Body Kinetics in Novato powered by the sun, thanks to a recently completed installation of a 63.8 kW DC solar electric system. Designed and installed by SolarCraft, the solar power system will provide over 50% of the electrical needs for the Marin County Health Club, saving them nearly $16,000 in utility fees every year.

The solar power system is roof mounted consisting of 173 high-efficiency 375-watt solar panels, which will produce 86,700 kWh annually. Prior to the solar panel installation, a new Spray Polyurethane Foam roof was installed, which offers excellent waterproofing and insulation. Foam roofing is the most energy-efficient roofing material available – reducing cooling costs and further increases Body Kinetics’ energy efficiency.

During the life of the system, over 61 metric tons of carbon dioxide will be eliminated. This environmental impact is equal to removing air pollution produced by more than 152,000 miles of driving annually or the pollutants removed by 80 acres of trees in one year.

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