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Honig Winery Embraces Solar Power for a Sustainable Future


solar in a winerySolarCraft, serving Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties, recently completed the installation of 184.4 kW DC solar electric power system at Honig Vineyard and Winery in Rutherford, Napa Valley. Honig will cut their electricity costs for many decades and reduce their dependency on increasingly volatile utility energy sources. Significantly reducing their carbon footprint will yield benefits for both their neighboring communities and their financial performance.

The new solar panel system, designed and installed by SolarCraft, encompasses 318 high-efficiency solar panels, ground mounted strategically across Honig’s sprawling estate in Rutherford, California. Designed to produce 282,000 kWh annually, the new 184 kW solar array has been seamlessly integrated with Rutherford Winery’s existing 188 kW roof-mounted solar system. This combined solar capacity significantly mitigates nearly all of the winery’s energy costs.

“This is our third solar system we have installed in the last 20 years and SolarCraft made the process seamless,” said Michael Honig, President of Honig Vineyard and Winery. “Their price was fair, they have a great dedicated team and they kept us informed along every step of the process. I highly recommend SolarCraft if you want a quality system designed and installed on time and budget.”

The new solar panel installation is projected to offset 200 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) annually, equivalent to 45 cars taken off the road per year, 462 barrels of oil consumed, or carbon sequestered by 238 acres of trees in 1 year. The positive impact on the environment will be substantial, further solidifying Honig’s reputation as a leader in sustainable viticulture.

The growing adoption of solar panels in the Napa and Sonoma wine regions are minimizing reliance on unstable and costly PG&E energy sources and significantly decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting a brighter and more sustainable future for the wine industry and the communities it thrives in

About Honig Winery & Vineyard
Honig Winery & Vineyard is a prestigious winery located in the heart of Rutherford, California. Renowned for its exceptional wines and dedication to sustainability, Honig strives to minimize their environmental impact while producing outstanding wines. California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance and Fish Friendly Farming certifications serve to demonstrate their leadership and commitment to creating a better future for our planet and the generations to come.

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