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SolarCraft Expands Solar for City of Sonoma

By April 1, 2011March 14th, 2022No Comments

Public Works Corporation Yard Goes Green

Novato- and Sonoma-based SolarCraft announced that they have completed installation of a 23.9 kW solar electric system at City of Sonoma Public Works Corporation Yard, Sonoma, CA. This is the second major solar energy installation for the City of Sonoma that SolarCraft has been selected to install.

Over the last few years, the City of Sonoma, in an effort to demonstrate leadership in environmental responsibility, has enacted several resolutions promoting and supporting energy efficiency and renewable energy generation, and this installataton will help the City reach its goal of a 37.2% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from City operations. The system was financed under the federal Clean Renewable Energy Bonds, (CREBs) program.

The new system will reduce the City’s utility costs while reducing the load on the local utility grid. Excess power generated during the day is banked by PG&E for credit towards future use.

Each pair of the 102 solar panels is controlled by individual micro-inverters manufactured by Enphase Energy of Petaluma, CA. Unlike more conventional solar electric systems, the micro-inverters will allow the rest of the solar modules to produce at full capacity no matter how many panels are shaded, and greatly increase the overall system efficiency.

The roof-mounted system utilizes U.S. manufacturer Sharp solar panels. They cover 1,789 square feet of the roof and also help shade and protect the building, reducing summer cooling load. The system is expected to generate 30,434 kilowatt hours annually. This is enough electricity to power more than 12 average homes, as well as spare the air of approximately 21 tons of harmful greenhouse gases annually. This reduction in CO2 emissions is comparable to the prevention of 1.4 million miles of driving over the 30 year life of the system.

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