Commercial Business Solar Electric Installation Project Profile

solar panels, Marin BuildersMarin Builders Association (MBA) 24.5 kW solar electric system by SolarCraft provides 50% of the Association’s electricity needs on an annual basis. The MBA solar electric systems utilizes 144 Sharp 170 watt solar panels and a ballasted, non-penetrating mounting system.

The new system enables MBA to generate enough clean electricity each day to power 10 average homes. The new system will spare the air nearly 18 tons of harmful greenhouse gases annually. This is comparable to planting 4 acres of trees. Over the next 30 years, the air pollution saved will be equivalent to driving over 1.3 million miles.

MBA received a rebate for approximately 32% of the cost from the California Energy Commission, as well as 30% federal tax credit. A very wise investment, the system will pay for itself in approximately 6 to 7 years.

“Being chosen by the organization representing professional builders in Marin to install this system was quite an honor,” says Chris Bunas, VP Solar Electric at SolarCraft. “With energy costs skyrocketing, smart organizations like the Marin Builders Association are now looking for ways to reduce and set their facility operations expenses for the long term. With 25 year warranties and 40+ year design life on the major system components, this system will save the Association money for many years to come.”

Customer Profile

Marin Builders Association was created in 1958 to encourage excellence in the quality of service provided by the building industry in Marin County, to maintain high professional and ethical standards among MBA members, and to obtain, coordinate and disseminate information essential to those in the building industry.

“As a leader in the Green Building field, this project is ideal for our organization and our community. I would encourage others in the building trades to consider the benefits of installing a solar system.”
~ Klif Knoles, General Manager, MBA

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