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Solar Power for Your Business

Power your business or non-profit with sustainable solar electricity

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Install a Commercial Solar Power System
to Control Skyrocketing Electric Bills

With every electric rate increase, businesses in Marin, Sonoma, Napa and throughout California watch more of their profits disappear. Increasingly, business owners are finding that going solar is not just a good move for the environment, but also a good move for their bottom line.

SolarCraft Areas of Expertise


Solar Electric Energy

Installing solar photovoltaic panels on your business is one of the best investments you can make.  Solar is not just a good move for the environment, but also a good move for your bottom line.

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Commercial Solar Financing

New and innovative approaches have emerged to help organizations buy and finance solar energy.  SolarCraft will work with you to put together a custom financing package that will result in the lowest cost for energy.


Energy Storage & Clean Tech

Energy storage batteries offer true energy independence. Store excess solar energy to power your business during electrical outages and save money by using stored solar energy to offset peak energy rates.

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Solar is Better Energy for Your Business

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Why Commercial Solar

SolarCraft will engineer your commercial solar energy system to peak performance to maximize your return on investment. A well-designed solar energy system can deliver a return on investment in as few as five years.

Solar for Commercial & Non-Profits
Solar for Commercial & Non-Profits

Why SolarCraft for Commercial Solar

SolarCraft has over three decades of experience designing, engineering, installing, and maintaining commercial solar energy systems in Marin, Sonoma, Napa and throughout California. Our employees hold the highest certifications in the solar energy industry.

Trust Our Solar Experience

We start with a detailed site inspection to determine the best fit and technology for your location and energy requirements. Our trained experts design, install, monitor and maintain every system we make to last 25-30 years. We use only the highest quality components from solar power industry leaders.

Solar for Commercial & Non-Profits