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Novato Solar Energy Case Study, Selchau Family

Energy-independent Selchau Family Charges EV with Sun’s Free Energy

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Project Overview
Location Novato, CA
System Size 4 kW
Surface Area 281 sq. ft.
Product Renesola 250 watt
Production 5,777 Wh/year
# of Solar Panels 16

The Selchau family took energy conservation measures before installing a solar PV system, including purchasing an Electric Vehicle (EV). Enjoying clean driving and lower fuel expenses, the Selchau family was still concerned about high energy prices, global warming and achieving energy independence. Solar power for their home was an easy decision.

After speaking to several solar integrators, the Selchau family chose SolarCraft, for its professional service, longevity and knowledge in the industry. After they flipped the switch to solar, they realized immediate savings with a 92% reduction in their monthly electrical bill. Now they can charge their EV any time and with skyrocketing energy prices, not having a fuel or electric bill is a big plus.

Roof mounted, the solar panels help protect the roof as well as help insulate the home. The system consists of 16 solar panels, each controlled by an Enphase micro-inverter. In this configuration, each panel is linked to a micro-inverter to maximize energy production and reduce the impact from shading. Overall system efficiency is increased by 10 – 12%.

solar panels for homesBenefits

  • Saves the Selchau family nearly $2,400 in electric bills annually
  • Shields the Selchau’s from future electrical rate increases
  • Will reduce CO2 emissions by 2.5 tons annually, equivalent to eliminating over 6,000 miles of driving each year.

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San Rafael Solar Energy Case Study, Schmidt Family

San Rafael Resident Saves Over $1,700 Annually with Solar Electric System

SolarCraft residential solar energy installation


Project Overview
Location San Rafael, CA
System Size 5.2 kW
Surface Area 281 sq. ft.
Product SunPower 327 watt
Production 7,674 kWh/year
# of Solar Panels 16

Mr. Schmidt compared several solar contractors to determine that SolarCraft had the expertise to install a solar electric system for him.

In addition to electricity produced for his household, the solar panels generate surplus electricity to sell to PG&E for energy credits. The system includes 16 SunPower panels and a grid-tied inverter from SMA America.

Mr. Schmidt’s utility bill has been reduced by 84%, plus solar power protects him from future utility rate increases.

San Rafael is an active solar community. Residents are turning to solar as a viable and attractive source of energy.
SolarCraft has installed more than 1,000 solar energy systems in the San Rafael area.


• Saves the Schmidt family over $1,700 in electric bills annually

• Will reduce CO2 emissions by 30 tons over 30 years, equivalent to eliminating over 2,800 miles of driving each year

• Increases property value without increase to property tax assessment

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