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Optimize the use of Solar Energy in Your Home


Span electric panel on side of houseWe are excited to announce that SolarCraft now offers the SPAN smart electrical panel as part of our product offering for solar panels and battery backup systems.  The SPAN smart electrical panel is designed to optimize the use of solar energy in homes and businesses. It is an all-in-one solution that connects solar panels, battery backup systems and smart home devices to help reduce energy costs and increase energy efficiency.

As California moves towards the “electrification of everything”, SolarCraft is now installing SPAN smart electrical panels to enable homeowners to transition. A smart electrical panel replaces a home’s existing electrical panel and circuit breakers. The “smart” feature is the electronics that manage the electricity flowing past each circuit breaker. Using the “smart” data, you can then set and control your electricity use from an app on your phone.

In addition to replacing your electrical panel, SPAN allows many solar & battery systems to be installed with fewer batteries. The result is a lower cost battery system while still getting the benefits of battery backup.

Span smart Electric Panel“At SolarCraft, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best innovative technologies for their renewable energy saving needs,” said Phil Alwitt, SolarCraft CEO.  “We believe that the SPAN smart electrical panel is a game-changer in the solar and battery storage industry, and we are excited to offer this product to our customers.”

We believe that the SPAN smart electrical panel is the future of solar energy management. SolarCraft is proud to offer this innovative technology to our customers, and we are confident that it will help our customers save money and reduce their overall energy use.

SolarCraft is 100% Employee-Owned and has been one of the largest green-tech employers based in the North Bay for over 35 years.  SolarCraft delivers Clean Energy Solutions for homes and businesses including Solar Energy and Battery Energy Storage.  With over 8,500 customers throughout Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties, our team of dedicated employee-owners is proud to have installed more clean energy systems than any other company in the North Bay.   Visit us at  or follow along @SolarCraft on Facebook and Twitter.

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