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How Switching to Solar Energy Leads to Big Savings in Kentfield/Ross, Marin County

Kentfield/Ross, Marin County’s location in the sunniest state makes a solar panels system a valuable investment

California is known as “The Golden State” because prospectors discovered large deposits of gold in 1848. Today, the nickname still fits because of the golden light in the sky that beams down on the area, making California one of America’s sunniest states. As there is so much sun here, investing in a PV solar panel system in Kentfield/Ross, Marin, is like investing in gold.

Kentfield/Ross‘s glorious, bright summers produce 260 sunny days each year. These conditions are ideal for powering your home using the abundant solar radiation provided by the sun. To find out how you can lower your electric bill by harnessing the power of the sun, talk to one our our solar energy specialists.

roof mount solar panels, Kentfield
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How installing a solar panel system in Kentfield/Ross will save you money

A solar PV panel system can be an affordable investment. Researchers discovered that setting up a solar panel system on your roof decreases power that you need to draw from the power grid for home heating and cooling systems by 12%. This not only helps to reduce your utility bills, it also lowers the urban heat island effect that impacts cities with dense concentrations of concrete buildings, roads, and sidewalks. 

In addition, because solar panels are cleaner to operate than other power generation systems, they lower greenhouse gas emissions. By going solar, you can save money and have a positive impact on the environment around you.

You will spend less on electricity right away when you install residential solar panels, but when you’ll really notice a difference is when you recoup the investment of having solar panels installed. At that point, the savings really add up. 

On top of that, a solar panel system on your roof will increase the value of your home. Yet, solar panels can additionally assist you to conserve money monthly. The financial savings can build up once you have recovered the setup cost via lower electricity prices. Solar panels can likewise increase the value of houses. Should you decide to sell your Kentfield/Ross, Marin, home, you’ll learn from your realtor that you’ll be able to set a higher asking price than you could without solar panels.

Why solar panels in Kentfield/Ross generate a lot of energy

Photovoltaic (PV) cells are used by solar panels to transform sunshine into electricity. How much electricity your solar panel system generates is determined by how many panels you install and the amount of solar radiation they receive. Because of the wealth of sunlight, PV cell solar panels in Kentfield/Ross, Marin County, can produce peak efficiency for around 71% of a typical year. This is 27% more than the national average.

Fortunately for our customers, California happens to see a lot of sunlight, making Kentfield/Ross a great area for generating solar energy efficiently. As noted by the U.S Energy Information Administration, the region receives a bountiful amount of solar radiation year-round. 

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In Kentfield/Ross, tax breaks and financial incentives are available to reduce your up-front costs

To make it more affordable to install a solar system in Kentfield/Ross, Marin County, several tax benefits and financing options are available for both homes and businesses.

  • The federal government offers a tax credit for residential solar panel installations through its Residential Investment Tax Credit program. The program allows homeowners to claim a tax credit up to 30% of their total “solar property” project costs, including labor and system wiring.
  • An additional federal program provides a tax credit to businesses. The Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (B-ITC) also offers a 30% tax credit incentive. The incentive applies to qualifying commercial systems that were built before 2022. From the beginning of 2022, the incentive value will decline every year through the end of 2025. From then on, the incentive will be 10% of the solar project installation costs.

Additional incentives are available, depending on your geographic location. Visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency to find out what options are available to you.

Please note that not every financial incentive is available if you lease your solar panel system instead of buying it. 

If need help to figure out which incentives are available to you, talk to one of our solar system experts. They can help find the best solution for your situation.


Recent Solar Panel Installations in Marin County by SolarCraft

Solar Power Reduces Electric Bill over 75% for the Williams Family

solar panel on roof

Essential Benefits of this Solar Installation 

  • Saves the Williams family over $4,900 in electric bills annually
  • Increases property value without increase to property tax assessment
  • Low-profile, attractive design integrates with existing rooftop
  • Will reduce CO2 emissions by 263 tons annually, equivalent to taking 3 cars off the road for 25 years

Fait Family in Marin County Powers Their Home and Runs Their Car on 100% Sunshine

couple standing in front of home

Essential Benefits of this Solar Installation 

  • Saves Fait family over $4,300 in electric bills annually
  • Powers their home & electric vehicle with solar power
  • Shields the Faits from electrical rate increases & peak rates
  •  Offsets 103% of their energy usage
  • Will reduce CO2 emissions by 7 tons annually, equivalent to eliminating over 17,235 miles of driving each year

Marin County Resident Saves Over $1,700 Annually with Solar Electric System Installation

solar panel on rooftop

Essential Benefits of this Solar Installation 

  • Saves the Schmidt family over $1,700 in electric bills annually
  • Will reduce CO2 emissions by 30 tons over 30 years, equivalent to eliminating over 2,800 miles of driving each year
  • Increases property value without increase to property tax assessment

Why Choose Solar Craft for your Solar Installation in Kentfield/Ross

SolarCraft is one of the most trusted and experienced solar energy and battery energy storage providers in Northern California, serving the businesses and residents of Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties for more than 35 years. 100% Employee Owned, our dedicated team is proud to have installed more solar energy systems than any other company in the North Bay, including systems for many of our community’s most recognizable organizations. We deliver the best in solar technology and design-build craftsmanship, always driven by a client-first approach to maximizing financial and environmental benefits. We look forward to partnering with you to build a more sustainable future.

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