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SolarCraft Completes Solar Panel Install at Marin Tennis Club

San Rafael Tennis Club Goes Solar and Saves Money

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SolarCraft recently completed the installation of a 50.7 kW DC solar panel installation at the Marin Tennis Club in San Rafael, CA.   The new system offsets their utility bill by 93%, and now powers the Club with clean, sustainable solar energy, saving them thousands in energy fees every year.

Designed and installed by SolarCraft, the solar photovoltaic system is roof mounted on the clubhouse and locker room rooftops, spanning over 2,700 square feet.   It consists of 155 high efficiency SunPower 327-watt solar panels, providing 70,532 kWh of solar power annually.

“With $0 down, and minimal incidental costs to our members, the Marin Tennis Club contracted with SolarCraft to install a solar system which will produce at least 70% of our projected main meter usage for years to come,” said Chris Ventris, General Manager.  “We will be producing more energy than we need during PG&Es peak rates and selling the surplus energy back to PG&E. The solar panels are initially leased to us and are maintained under a Power Purchase Agreement for the next 7 years, after which the Club may purchase them for a discounted price.”

Ventris continued, “We selected SolarCraft out of seven possible solar providers based primarily on the very knowledgeable staff, led by Jeannie Alderson, who helped educate our project team about the details of solar power and the various financing options available, and also the competitive pricing and contracting model SolarCraft offered. We were very pleased with SolarCraft’s professional and efficient installation of the solar panels and the timely completion of this project.”

Over the life of the system almost 3 million tons of carbon dioxide will be eliminated from the Club’s carbon footprint, which is the equivalent of removing 4 million miles of driving over the next 25 years.

About Marin Tennis Club
Located in a sheltered, sunny location in the beautiful Dominican Area of San Rafael, Marin Tennis Club is first and foremost a Tennis Club with 12 superbly maintained courts.  The Club offers a wide variety of tennis related activities, including lessons, competitive tennis, social tennis and clinics.  There is an onsite café, pool and gym and the clubhouse is often the center for parties and other social activities. Marin Tennis club is known for the warm weather, clean courts, and friendly members and staff.

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SolarCraft Brings Solar Power to Spirit Rock

Sun Shines on West Marin Meditation Center

marin solar panels, solar for non -profitsNovato and Sonoma based SolarCraft has completed the construction of a 115.6 kW solar electric system at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA . The installation of the solar photovoltaic array will reduce the Center’s carbon footprint and power their facilities with sunlight.

Sustainability and the environment are top priorities for Spirit Rock, as stated by co-founder, Jack Kornfield “’Move through the world with care” taught the Buddha. Spirit Rock is a generator of metta, sending loving kindness across the world. Now our beautiful sunlight generates clean energy, a new form of care, and a reminder to us all to lovingly tend the earth”.

This ground mounted solar electric system spans consists of (335) Sunpower 345 watt high-efficiency solar modules, providing power to the administrative offices, guest facilities and the meditation hall with renewable energy, reducing Spirit Rock utility costs by over 90%.

Through the use of special non-profit friendly financing through SolarCraft, which allows clients to benefit from commercial incentives, they pay less for solar power than they would to PG&E. In financial terms, the system generates positive cash flow immediately. Furthermore, Spirit Rock has the option to pay off the system sooner (after year 5) to own it outright. Doing so will reduce financing costs and enable them to save even more money.

“Here comes the sun,” said Spirit Rock Teacher and cofounder James Baraz when he received news of the powering up of the solar array. “We are an organization that seeks to ‘walk our talk’ and reduce our carbon impact so we will ‘do no harm’ for the planet, all living beings and future generations.”

The system’s solar electric panels are expected to generate approximately 190,700 kilowatt hours of clean energy annually. The new solar energy system allows Spirit Rock to generate enough electricity each day to power over 27 average homes. The amount of carbon offset by the PV array is equivalent to removing

50 tons of harmful greenhouse gases annually. Over the next 30 years, the air pollution saved will be equivalent to eliminating almost 3 million miles of driving or planting 10 acres of trees.
About Spirit Rock

Nestled in the hills of West Marin County, Spirit Rock Meditation Center is dedicated to the teachings of the Buddha as presented in the vipassana tradition. The practice of mindful awareness, called Insight Meditation, is at the heart of all the activities at Spirit Rock. It was founded in 1987 as Insight Meditation West and is visited by an estimated 40,000 people a year. Spirit Rock hosts a year-round schedule of residential retreats, daylong retreats/workshops, benefit workshops, and weekly classes.

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